BFOA Golden Mic Award and EFM Lifetime Achievement Award


The BFOA Golden Mic Award honors a broadcaster who has dedicated their career to radio and television, is a champion for the broadcasting industry, and has made lifelong achievements in the field.

The Edward F. McLaughlin Lifetime Achievement Award, named for
the Broadcasters Foundation of America’s former Chairman, honors a broadcaster who has made invaluable contributions to the television and radio industry.

Past Honorees

2024 GMA    Jordan Wertlieb, EVP & COO, Hearst Corporation
2024 LAA      Deborah Norville, Anchor, Inside Edition

2023 GMA    Jack Abernethy, CEO, FOX TV Stations
2023 LAA      Richard E. Wiley, Chair Emeritus, Wiley

2022 GMA    Hilton H. Howell, Jr., Gray Television
2022 LAA      Lesley Visser, celebrated sportscaster

2020  GMA   Dave Lougee, TEGNA, Inc.
2020 LAA      George Beasley, Founder/Chairman, Beasley Media Group

2019 GMA    Perry A. Sook, Nexstar Media Group, Inc.

2018 GMA    Emily L. Barr, Graham Media Group
2018 LAA      Edward F. McLaughlin

2017 GMA    Paul Karpowicz, Meredith Local Media Group
2017 LAA      Bill Hoffman, President, Cox Media Group

2016 GMA    Bob Pittman, iHeartMedia
2016 LAA      Charles Osgood

2015 GMA    Gordon Smith, NAB
2015 LAA      Dick Clark

2014 GMA    Del Bryant, BMI

2013 GMA    David Barrett, Hearst Corporation

2012 GMA    Dennis Swanson, Fox TV Stations

2011 GMA    Alan Frank, Post-Newsweek Stations

2010 GMA    Michael Bloomberg, former NYC Mayor

2009 GMA    Peter Smyth & the Bordes Family, Greater Media

2008 GMA    Anne Sweeney, Disney Media Networks & ABC TV Group

2007 GMA    Ken Lowe, E.W. Scripps

2006 GMA    Jeff Smulyan, Emmis Communications

2005 GMA    Percy Sutton and The Inner City Broadcasting Family

2004 GMA    Frances Preston, BMI

2003 GMA    Bob Wright, NBC/GE

2002 GMA    Catherine Hughes and Alfred Liggins, Radio One

2001 GMA    Lowry Mays, Mays Family and Clear Channel Communications

2000 GMA    Edward O. Fritts and the NAB

1999 GMA    John Conomikes and Hearst-Argyle Television

1998 GMA    Ralph Guild and Interep

1997 GMA    Hubbard Broadcasting and The Hubbard Family

1996 GMA    Norman Knight & Knight Quality Stations of New England

1995 GMA    The Tribune Broadcasting Company

1994 GMA    Capitol Broadcasting, Raleigh, North Carolina

1993 GMA    Fisher Broadcasting, Seattle, Washington

1992 GMA    WGY Radio and General Electric Broadcasting, Albany, NY

1991 GMA    WOAI-Radio, San Antonio, Texas

1990 GMA    US Armed Forces Radio Defense, Secretary Richard Cheney

Prior to 2024, BFOA Golden Mic Award the award was named the "Broadcasters Foundation of America Golden Mike Award".