<b>Guardian Fund</b> <br><i>Personal Contributions<i>
Guardian Fund
Personal Contributions

The Guardian Fund’s exclusive purpose is to ensure that financial assistance is available in perpetuity to fellow broadcasters who, through no fault of their own, are in acute personal financial need. The Fund is used exclusively to support the benevolent outreach of the Broadcasters Foundation of America.

<b>Angel Initiative</b> <br> <i> Corporate Contributions<i>
Angel Initiative
Corporate Contributions

The Corporate Angel Initiative enhances our ability to reach out to broadcasters in need without drawing from our Guardian Fund. It is important to remember that once we begin a monthly grant, particularly involving the elderly, we stay with that broadcaster throughout his or her lifetime.

<b>LEGACY SOCIETY</b> <br> <i> Bequests & Estate Plans <i>
Bequests & Estate Plans

The Legacy Society ensures the Foundation’s ability to help broadcasters in the future. Your bequest can be a specific amount, a specific asset, or a specific percentage of the remainder of your estate after all other obligations have been met. Please consider becoming a member of the Legacy Society.

“Across the country, in markets of all sizes, there are broadcasters whose lives have been derailed by unforeseen, tragic circumstances. In most cases the devastation is so severe or so long-lasting, that whatever funds they have in reserve are not enough to make ends meet, or even to stay alive. These are our colleagues, and we all know that bad things can happen to good people. Please consider making your annual commitment to helping those in our industry who need it. I guarantee you will feel good about it.”

-Jeff Warshaw, CEO, Connoisseur Media

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