Grant Application Guidelines & Instructions

Monthly Grant Guidelines: Broadcasters Foundation of America provides monthly grants to broadcasters who are unable to work due to an illness, accident, advanced age or other serious misfortune. Applicants must meet all requirements below:
  1. Worked and/or made your career in over-the-air radio or television broadcasting
  2. Unable to work due to a critical illness, advanced age, serious accident, or other misfortune
  3. In acute financial need due to above circumstance
Emergency Grant Guidelines: Broadcasters Foundation of America provides one-time emergency grants to broadcasters who need financial help recovering from disaster. Applicants must meet all requirements below:
  1. Applicants must work or have worked in over-the-air radio or television broadcasting.
  2. Applicants must be in acute financial need and not have insurance coverage for lost or damaged personal property caused by a natural disaster, flooding, home fire or other misfortune.
File Upload Instructions:
  • Click “Choose File”.
  • Locate the document on your computer.
  • Double click on the document to begin the upload.

If you recently downloaded the file from an email attachment, it might be saved in your “Downloads” folder or on your “Desktop”.

If you only have paper documents available, we recommended you take a photo of the document with your phone (be sure the photo is clear and legible) and send it to yourself as an email attachment. Then, save the document to your computer and follow the upload instructions above.

Submittable Software Guidelines:
  • You will need to create a free Submittable account, or sign in with Google or Facebook credentials in order to submit to these forms.
  • If you need to make changes to your form, please withdraw your submission and resubmit. If anything changes with the information you submitted, please request to edit the submission
  • If you aren’t doing so already, please use a laptop or desktop computer, as file uploads may not work on some mobile devices. Submittable works best on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Internet Explorer is not supported. Please make sure you are using a supported browser, and that the files are valid file types. You can find the acceptable file types under the “Choose File” button on the application. If you continue to be unable to upload the files, please try a different browser.
  • We will follow-up with you about your submission by email. Please be sure to add emails from Submittable to your mailing list and check the email you used to sign up for your Submittable Account regularly.
  • Visit the Submitter Resource Center for help videos and articles or contact Submittable’s Customer Support team with any technical questions.